The devotional life of a non-reader

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by Patricia Lach Kreutzwieser

Warning: To literary purists, the following may be disturbing.

Coffee Break

I do not enjoy reading. I said it. The endorphins of many people break the scale when talking about the latest book, but my eyes glaze over when discussing even a best seller. My secret had been shared with only a trusted few until one fateful afternoon about 15 years ago.   Continue reading “The devotional life of a non-reader”


I had no idea what came next

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by Laurie Schaeffer

I was sitting in my favourite spot toward the end of the service—on the organ bench. We were using that new service that I really liked, “Prayer and Preaching.” We’d come to the part, before the sermon, where everyone recited the Ten Commandments, the Apostles’ Creed… I close my eyes to concentrate and start reciting from memory. Continue reading “I had no idea what came next”