Coffee Break—it’s all in the interpretation!

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“Coffee Break” – where did the expression come from?

                                    …and what does it mean to us, as Christian women?

Every now and again I get a list of sentences called Humour for Lexophiles [lovers of words] from a gentleman in our congregation. Generally, I spend the next while laughing—although I often have to read the words/sentences more than once before I really “get it.” I have learned that words don’t always make sense—that I have to really think about their context before the fuller meaning of the sentence becomes apparent.

Coffee break—two words that, when used together, convey a meaning or message most over the age of ten understand!  Continue reading “Coffee Break—it’s all in the interpretation!”


Meandering Through Simple Pleasures

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If you log on to the Internet and “google” the phrase simple pleasures, you will get 12,300,000 hits (as of July 2006). In contrast, googling the phrase complex pleasures only garners 5,240,000 hits. Can you draw any conclusions from this?

High-tech toys and “gadgets” are the desire of many hearts and hands. They are “simple to use” and “easy to handle.” Have we moved away from appreciating life’s simpler pleasures?

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The devotional life of a non-reader

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by Patricia Lach Kreutzwieser

Warning: To literary purists, the following may be disturbing.

Coffee Break

I do not enjoy reading. I said it. The endorphins of many people break the scale when talking about the latest book, but my eyes glaze over when discussing even a best seller. My secret had been shared with only a trusted few until one fateful afternoon about 15 years ago.   Continue reading “The devotional life of a non-reader”

I had no idea what came next

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by Laurie Schaeffer

I was sitting in my favourite spot toward the end of the service—on the organ bench. We were using that new service that I really liked, “Prayer and Preaching.” We’d come to the part, before the sermon, where everyone recited the Ten Commandments, the Apostles’ Creed… I close my eyes to concentrate and start reciting from memory. Continue reading “I had no idea what came next”